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Sales, Service & Training in SW Florida

Are you the type of individual that looks to the sky, watching the birds soar wishing you could too ? As a kid you might have even jumped off the roof with a blanket "wing"? And survived? We are here to help. Planet PPG Powered Paragliding Sales, Service and Training Port Charlotte, Florida. Come fly with us.

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We are blessed to live and play in SW Florida. Steady Gulf breezes, flights over scenic islands and friendly people insure a good time for all.

We mostly fly Charlotte Harbor and Port Charlotte. Lake Suzy Airport will be our new home starting 1 May 2017.

Lake Suzy Airport is located just North of the I-75 /Kings Highway exit. See you there!

We offer USPPA training so that you may fly safe.  PlanetPPG is the largest full-time PPG school in the country.

You may rent PPG equipment, Paramotors and Paragliders.

Classes start every Tuesday at 8:00 am.

We offer new and used powered paraglider motors, wings, and equipment at great prices.

Updated - 17 January 2018 PMC