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The titanium frame is strong and light weight.


Titanium Simonini

Fresh Breeze

"I fly the titanium Simonini -

it has served me well" Paul

See this PPG at Pine Island Airport 

Fresh Breeze Simonini
Titanium frame & cage
Very quiet (112db)
Smooth power-band
Carbon fiber propeller

Aerodynamic cage ring
Includes J-Bar harness
"This is what I fly most"

Titinum Simonini
     Brandon likes his!



Click to see up close! Click to see up close! Click to see up close! Click to see up close!
Click to see up close! Click to see up close! Click to see up close! Click to see up close!

The Simonini engine is built as a stand-up power head with a four part prop guard. This is the 122 cm in diameter propeller. Standard features are the High Energy Ignition and a high power resonator. 

The Simonini has high power to weight ratio.

The certification from the DULV (German Ultralight Association) guarantees safety and quietness. 

The famous Walbro 37 Carburetor is fitted for instant starting and ease of tuning.

The J-Bar suspension allows excellent feel for your paraglider and the ability to weight shift very strongly if desired during flight.

Fresh Breeze is offering prop cages and suspension frames made from high grade Titanium instead of aluminum. The first Titanium cage will be made for the Simonini 122 ORC.

The main advantage will be a much higher strength of all frame parts and a decreased weight. An additional feature are streamlined tubes which reduce air drag and noise. The prop runs in smoother air with an increased efficiency.



Please insist on training


 PPG requires significant training.  We will not sell or rent essential PPG flight equipment (i.e. wings or motor units) to anyone until we have either verified that they have been trained by a recognized instructor, or proven that they have successfully completed training in the past. Such proof can be shown, for example, by a USPPA's PPG 2 or greater rating.


Federal Aviation Regulation Part 103 Federal regulations


Only one person at a time and the vehicle must be human controlled.


Recreation or sport use only. No commercial use - including selling photographs


Empty weight is less than 254 pounds.


No more than 5 gallons fuel.


Max speed with power on = 63 mph


Max speed with power off = 27 mph


FAA reserves the right to inspect your equipment at any time.


FAA can force the operator to provide proof of equipment specifications.


Written permission is required to break any rule.


No airworthiness certification standards are required of the aircraft.


Operators don't need any aeronautical knowledge and can be any age.


No registration or markings are required on the aircraft.


You may not cause a hazard to any other person or property.


You cannot drop items if such an action creates a hazard.


You can only fly from sunrise to sunset. (Strobe use allows 30 before sunrise & 30 after sunset)


You must give right of way to all powered aircraft.


You cannot be a collision hazard to other aircraft.


You must give right of way to all unpowered aircraft.


No flying over cities, towns, settlements, or open areas of people.


No flying in Class A, B, C, D, and pretty much all Class E airspace.


No flying in the prohibited areas without prior permission.


No flying in TFR & "Notice to Airmen" sections


You must see the ground at all times.


PPG's are allowed in Class G airspace.

0-1200 feet you can fly right to the edge of the clouds. Normal visibility must be no less than 1 mile.

1200-10000 feet you must maintain 500 feet below, 1000 feet above and 2000 feet horizontal from all clouds. Normal visibility must be no less than 1 mile.


Private Bidding, Why ?

Due to a few eBay scam artist's who seem to attack serious bidders, offering bogus 2nd chance offers with "deals to good to be true," PlanetPPG is forced to hide bidders identities in order to protect all interested parties!  

PlanetPPG will never send a 2nd chance offer from a different eBay Screen name!

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