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Safety Equipment

MiniPlane Top 80

ABM = Movable comfort bars

PSF = Fixed comfort bars 

This is the engine for you!

 Very light-weight

125 cm propeller
137 cm cage diameter
Empty weight 18,9 kg

Colors: Yellow, Silver
Standard reduction: 20/72


MiniPlane ABM
For people under 180 lbs but folks as much as 200 fly it
So light-weight & easy to carry
Top 80 engine is quality and provides reliable operation
Makes lots of smooth thrust - instructors tandem with it! 
Prop stops spinning at idle - that makes it much safer
Many solo'ed these @ Planet - it is the first choice of many

Makes foot launching easy - low torque
Very quiet operation - don't make folks mad - fly quiet!
Comfortable throttle handle - small and effective
Easy to start engine in-flight - pull over the shoulder
Known for long life operation

Think about it - "less weight makes it safer to carry"
"The Miniplane WS manages to almost completely eliminate fore/aft tilting, even during power changes from idle to full. It maintains the best benefits of low hook-in including lower hand position and weight shift. That is, to me, huge and when combined with other desirable traits, led me to purchase the machine for my own use." Jeff Goin
MiniPlane Katie  MiniPlane front
 Katie looks good in MiniPlane  Large fuel tank allows long flight   Yellow frame PSF mounting point

The fit of the cage sections are strong and easy to disassemble for travel.

 Nice comfortable throttle
MiniPlane ABM - Front view  MiniPlane ABM - Side view  MiniPlane ABM - Rear view 
The Top80 is a modern marvel

 Fly one for yourself - visit PlanetPPG or purchase one!
"Let's go fly"