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Fresh Breeze Monster 

2.5 or 4 Gallon gas tank for long flights
Bing 34mm carburetor
HEIS ignition (std.)
Tuned pipe for quiet operation and power
5024 AL frame (std.)

New Re-drive!



Weight 71lb
Thrust 165lb
Max pilot weight 350+
FUEL WARNING: DO NOT USE PUMP GAS (CAR GAS) IN YOUR FB PARA MOTOR- immediate engine damage can result from ethanol now present in most car gas.
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The Hirth Aero F33 "Monster"

This Paramotor was specifically developed for Tandem flying or big boys. It is based on the Hirth Aero F33 german made aircraft engine. To satisfy the high expectations flying tandem, the emphasis is on power . The enormous thrust of over 165 lbs with a relatively small 48 inch 4 bladed composite propeller makes for short, safe take-offs. Once airborne the passenger can take the controls for a total feel of powered paragliding. Landings are easy due to the distance bar which adds extra space between Pilot and Passenger. The certification from the DULV (German Ultralight Association) guarantees safety and quietness. Due to state of the art equipment like a 4 blade propeller, tuned exhaust with silencer and intake silencer the Monster passed the german DULV certification. This unit is popular in the US due to the large number of "Big Boys" and power-hungry pilots.

The Fresh Breeze pullstart is standard. Fresh Breeze motors are also available with an electric starter and a pullstart.
Many other units have only an electric start. With no pullstart, if the battery is dead you can't fly, and it does happen.

The famous BING Floatbowl Carburetor is fitted for instant starting.
Many other units have the less expensive Walbro carburetor that needs constant adjustment.

The Fresh Breeze tuned pipe is installed. This pipe is designed on the Fresh Breeze engine dyno to smooth out and lower the powerband of the engine. A little power is sacrificed, but the rpms are reduced to 6,000, for very quiet power and long life. All other motor units use the stock simonini pipe that tends to crack after a while and the rpms are over 7,000.

Fresh Breeze, USA has all parts in stock, a very generous warranty as well as top technical support. Fresh Breeze has been developing motors for 15 years and has an established factory and a very experienced, long-term US importer.
With a tradition of excellence and the experience to back it up, Fresh Breeze is a company you can count on.

Fresh Breeze comes with a superb composite propeller.
Wood propellers are less expensive and make more noise.

Fresh Breeze uses a large, high mounted gas tank for reliable fuel delivery and long duration flights.

Fresh Breeze has a separate harness that allows for great weight shift and the harness can easily be used for ground handling.
Most harnesses are attached to the motor, and are not removable.

All Fresh Breeze units are destructively tested and certified by DULV.
No other unit offered in the US is DULV tested.

Fresh Breeze units feature a soft J-bar suspension system.
This feature is paramount! It is a quick release that allows an emergency motor jettison feature (in compliance with German ultralight safety requirements) for even more enhanced security in flight. If there ever was a time where your motor caught on fire or a water landing, you can simply pull two pins, then slide the motor pack off your back and let it go. The chances are slim that this would ever happen, but Fresh Breeze is the only motors on the market that offers this degree of safety. It's like having a reserve parachute (which is a good idea as well!), you give yourself another option.
This feature also gives you an excellent feel for your paraglider and the ability to weight shift your glider like no other unit out there. On climbout, you can simply cross your legs away from the turn induced by engine/propeller torque, and you are flying straight! Especially valuable when Motoring to the Thermals, where you will really appreciate this unique system



Here is a shot of the well known Bing Float bowl Carburetor with it's soft mount and intake silencer. The carburetor in connection with the High Energy Ignition makes for instant, no prime starting anytime.


This is the large exhaust silencer that makes the typical, low tone, super quiet Fresh Breeze sound.

The tuned pipe is nickel/chrome plated, the silencer highly polished aircraft aluminum.

2 composite 2 part propellers acting as one 4 bladed propeller.